first sight

I never hear the term “Linux”, the first time I hear term “Linux” is around 2010, when my school migrated all the computers in Ninxia building to Ubuntu. all the computers is used only for surfing the web, each student have to pay the small amount to rent the computer. Ubuntu somehow does not attract my attettion, until in the end of 2012, I heard that we can get the official ubuntu cd and sent directly from overseas.

that time I came to Mr.Fajrin, he is the chief of my school computer center, but sadly he said that the ubuntu service for sending cd’s is already shut down. after that time, I never think about “linux” nor “ubuntu”.

the sun rises

In 2013, I relocated to stay temporary in Aceh, the corner city of Indonesia, teaching some students. One day I feel distracted by the license of Microsoft Office, and I felt guilty if I try to crack it more and more, I also think that if I depend on this app, by using it in such imperfect way, it will harm me someday. so I go to the city of aceh, it tooks around 3 hours to get there. I bougt the cd of OpenOffice, and install it on my ex-windows.

one day, I remembered about “Linux” “Ubuntu”, so I search accross the Internet and I find, I need 3-4 hours to download the iso of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, I am pretty happy after installing it alongside my windows 8. Since then, I rarely open my windows 8. I really remember, the first day on Linux, I have so many question, I joined “linux group” in facebook with lot of people, my first post was really fun, I wrote wrong version of Ubuntu 14.04 become 16.04, and everyone confiused. I also have a post that get so many comments and reaction asking about “Which one do you choose, your tux or your wife”, this is intended for fun of course, the are some people who really help me a lot in the beggining of may linux day e.g Mircea Toader and some other.

I ask Mircea how to do this and that, he is very kind, sometimes he explained that he is far away from home and will answer later, these day, I think the missing part of linux is the app that I need in grapich works, such SONY Vegas, ADOBE After Effect, and so on, now there is the app that fill this gaps, e.g Natron and the king, Blender.

Later, I meet with so many kind person, Epsi N.W who points me to read the Debian Manual Book, and I am still a good friends with him until now. Ragil Satrio who I find in Linux forum, he point me out how to solve on my GRUB error, and become best brother until now. and of course there are some people in Ubuntu Indoensia forum and Ayo belajar linux who also help me a lot.

Linux grows more and more in my school at aceh, We installed all the computer lab’s with Linux, some people comes to install Ubuntu on their laptops, some of them Abthal dan Bayu, Bayu start using Ubuntu and do his task with Ubuntu rather than windows. the Head Master of the school heard this progress, saw my announcement in the wall magazine here and there, maybe he is happy, sometimes he called me “ustadz Linux”. Even he asked me to install Ubuntu on his laptop, but I refuse, because to use “Linux” we are required to have the ability to solve technical problems independently, searching the problems, asking people, nowadays “linux” such Ubuntu is really comfortable for begginers, but I am afraid no one to ask when I leave that school, cause in the following months I will leave.

because to use “Linux” we are required to have the ability to solve technical problems independently, searching the problems, asking people.

I put a lot of effort for this school labs, including asking fund for more machine to external organization, I got two more machine from this. and later the goverment gave us about 20 laptops. I leave this school in the mid of 2014, with good school labs, and one machine with Linux Mint with big HDD capacity, to store all school data, because in previous years all the old school data is broken by viruses in windows.

I leave this school and relocated to Surabaya, I meet with the nice guy named “Ade Malsasa Akbar”, he explain me lot of things, I learn so much from him, he is really humble. after partition mismatch incident I removed all my Oses, and Installed only Ubuntu, 7 months later I relocated to Malang.

the flag fluttering

I learn more about “linux” in Malang, reading so many wiki pages, reading stackoverflow questions, and saving it to maff format. I don’t want my history of what I learned is gone, so I downloaded every page that I read in maff format. when that time, I really don’t want to lost any tiny information, when I stuck in something and I found the answer, I downloaded the whole page of the answer, also pages in stackoverflow, when I read someone blog, I downloaded the whole pages, I think by doing this, I can keep the information safe with me. but later it’s very hard to maintain a great collection of maffs, so I search a new way to do the documentation of my history of learning. I really remember when I afraid because of the app crash, or the system going mad, these was my first day in GNU/Linux, but months after months I know how to fix things, how to ask in forum, sometimes miracle happened, someone come to help when I stuck.

I spent every days using “Linux” and start configuring here and there. Later in 2015 I moved to Debian, and never looked back. this is the starting point where I read about GNU, reading some of FSF books, knowing the difference beetween foo and baz, the gaps beetwen x and y, a and b, c and d. and lot of more. I become more sceptical, I read wikipedia more, read book more, read a lot of GNU history, Linux History, Minix history, Learning about Licenses, learning the difference beetwen GPL, LGPL, AGPL, BSD, new BSD, MIT, Apache and more. knowing foo community and baz community, joined IRC and meet with so many people.

If I don’t know GNU/Linux maybe I don’t understand the Licenses, I don’t know so many great programmers, great scientist, the composition of the Os, the kernel, I don’t meet people in IRC, i don’t colaborate using vcs, and I don’t know difference between GNU and Linux, Stallman and Linus and so many things.

GNU Project open my minds, I read lot “Freedom” and “Society” including reading Richard Stallman essays and Lawrence Lessig books, I learn how to give a software sincerely. I know what is the bad and harm for works, I can differ more about things. I want to thank to many people who puts their great effort to make so many software, until we possibly run the complete free operating system. thanks for everyone for this, BSD foundation, foundation, Free Software Foundation, Linux Foundation and more.

GNU/Linux really colouring my life, give me more skill in technical aspects, and knowing so many secret ingredient and the paradigm of life, not to forget that it also motivate me to learn more and more.

thank you everyone who contribute to this community.

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