I will write the list of apps that I use to finish my task. This list of applications do not mean to say that foo app is better than baz app, every app has it is own audience.

Other than that, I keep this list to know what app I have to consider my self to donate.

Music Player

  • audacious (3 years) ⇨ cmus (1 year) ⇨ mpv (now)

    I like the tabbed playlist UI from audacious, and I think this is the only music player in GNU/Linux that has a tabbed-playlist. Then I move to cmus, and now I use mpv. I invoke mpv within Dired Emacs, so I can choose to play one song repeatedly, or one directory, or playlist of songs defined in plain text.

Audio Editing

  • audacity

    This is enough for my needs.


  • LibreCalc (1 year) ⇨ hledger (2 years) ⇨ GnuCash (now)

    hledger integrated well with emacs, sadly I do most transaction while holding my mobile phone, not my laptop. So it is easier for me to add transaction to GNUCash Android immediately, then sync it with GNUCash on my laptop.

Chat Clients

  • Quassel (2 years) ⇨ Hexchat (1 year) ⇨ Irssi (1 year) ⇨ ERC (now)

Data Backup & Recovery

  • DejaDup (past 1 year) ⇨ Borgbackup

    I love how BorgBackup handle diffs, compression, pruning old archive, and mounting them to browse certain files I lost.

Desktop customization

  • Theme: Arc Theme
  • Cursor: La Capitaine Icon Theme
  • Icons: Papirus Icon Theme


  • Geany / Kate ⇨ Emacs (now)

    I do everything with text mostly with Emacs, from taking notes, maintaining TODOs, writing code, etc.


  • Mutt ⇨ Mu4e

File Manager

  • Nemo (2 years) ⇨ Dolphin (2 years) ⇨ Midnight Commander (1 year) ⇨ Dired Emacs and Thunar

Graphic Creation

  • Inkscape
  • GIMP

Image Viewer

  • Gwenview (1 year) ⇨ feh ⇨ xsiv

    feh does not support viewing gif, so I move to xsiv

Screen Recorder

  • kazam


  • KScrenshot (1 year) ⇨ scrot ⇨ maim and flameshot


  • Silentcast (2 years) ⇨ Peek

    I move to Silientcast because previously Peek work so horrible and produce Gigabyte of gif even for short recording. After two years I move back to Peek since it’s easier for me to start and stop, and the previous bug was fixed.

Video editor

  • OpenShot and KDEnlive

    OpenShot for quick and fast editing, KDEnlive for complex editing.


  • Firefox

    Because of its mission.


  • LibreOffice
  • Org-mode

PDF Tools

  • Okular

    The only reason I still have doubts using it, because it pulls tons of KDE dependency which I never use.


  • keepassX ⇨ Emacs Org with GnuPG


  • Konsole (2 years) ⇨ Uxrvt ⇨ St

I need a minimalist terminal since it is only a host for my Tmux.


  • Gramps genealogy software
  • NCdu

  • Syncthing

    I use Syncthing to sync ebooks and org files from my mobile phone to my laptops.

  • Unison

    I use this to sync configs, code, files across my machine.

  • Dukto ⇨ Nitroshare

    I use nitroshare when someone asks big files from my machine, I use it with crossover LAN cable. Dukto was slow to detect a pair, so I moved to Nitroshare.


  • Octopress ⇨ Pelican

    Octopress is huge and I can’t even know why certain files exist, then I move to Pelican. The reason also to have full control of pelican and to make me easier for modification, since I work mostly with Python.


  • mpv and vlc

    Mostly I use mpv and vlc only for supplies.

Window Manager

  • i3-gaps

So what do you think ? Leave your comments below.

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